The American Biomass family
  • American Biomass Distribution – our logistics and distribution arm that provides stove shops and hearth industry retailers with access to top quality fuels on a wholesale basis.
  • American Biomass Transportation – the delivery outfit of the company, which provides services for deliveries, as well as for others requiring assistance delivering fuel.
  • Revolution Pellet Systems – connecting consumers and businesses with the bulk biomass fuel and heating solution that’s right for them.
  • – an online portal that provides an easy way for consumers to find high quality pellets at affordable prices, and have them delivered to their doorstep.
  • USD Renewables – an affiliated technology development company helping our nation harvest renewable resources.
Friends of American Biomass
(and biomass consumers)
  • Biomass Thermal Energy Council – a group of biomass industry leaders promoting the use of biomass in thermal (heating) applications.
  • The Alliance for Green Heat – a nonprofit group advocating for the use of our precious biomass resources for its most efficient use; heat.
  • The Pellet Fuels Institute – a non-profit group serving the pellet industry, helping maintain quality and standards, while educating both policymakers and the public about the advantages of using pellets for heating homes and businesses.