American Biomass is built on the strength of its partnerships with others: working together with affiliate groups and businesses, which represent leading players in biomass heating, makes the entire industry stronger.

We’re all
about relationships.

Fuel Manufacturers – American Biomass is not a pellet manufacturer; rather, we work with leading producers throughout North America who provide us with top quality products at affordable prices.

Affiliated Retailers – Our affiliated retailers recommend our services (and those of our retail arm, and provide pick-up services to consumers.

Corporate Affiliates – The family of companies dedicated to making biomass heating ubiquitous throughout America.

Bulk Affiliates – American Biomass connects consumers and businesses with bulk fuel solutions by making pellet storage and automatic transfer systems available. We also have partnerships with heating systems manufacturers, installers, and servicers, and we can connect consumers with the heating system professional that will help them achieve their biomass heating goals.

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